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Feeling overwhelmed by maintaining your vehicle here in Portland, Maine? Quirk Chevrolet of Portland makes car care easy! From planning your appointment to clear follow-up steps, here’s a guide to walk you through the process of scheduling service at our Cumberland County Chevy dealership.

Know what your vehicle needs

Before you make your appointment, get the best possible vehicle service by being informed of your car’s maintenance needs. That way, you can schedule all of your vehicle’s needed tune-ups in one convenient appointment.

To get started, look over your vehicle’s service history. When was the last time it had an oil change, a tire rotation, an alignment, new filters, and new wipers? If it’s been longer than six months, we recommend having those services addressed. Also consider your vehicle’s mileage and its need for fluid flushes, new brakes, and new spark plugs.

Also use your own five senses to figure out your vehicle’s service needs. If you notice your car leaking fluid when you park it, hear strange noises from the motor, or smell unpleasant scents from the HVAC system, mention these issues to our technicians at Quirk Chevrolet of Portland for a diagnostic.

Trust your car to the experts at Quirk Chevrolet of Portland

If you want to give your vehicle the very best treatment, don’t entrust it to corner garage shops in Portland, Maine. Instead, bring it to the certified expert mechanics at Quirk Chevrolet. We hire factory-trained technicians who know your vehicle’s make and model inside out.

Our experts only use authentic Chevrolet parts when repairing and maintaining Chevy vehicles like the Silverado and Equinox, so you can rest assured that every component in your vehicle was designed to fit perfectly and provide optimal performance.

Plan your appointment at Quirk Chevrolet of Portland

To know when to schedule your appointment at our local service center, consider a few factors about your own schedule:
• Which day of the week works best for you? Do you have a standing day off in your work schedule? Is there a day when your kids don’t have extracurricular activities? Midweek days tend to be less crowded here at our service center.
• Choose the best time for your appointment. You may find that it’s more convenient for you after leaving your workplace, or you may want to get your appointment out of the way early in the day. Keep in mind that mid-morning and early afternoon time slots typically have the best availability at Quirk Chevrolet of Portland.
• Don’t delay! Schedule an appointment as soon as you become aware of your car needing service — that way, you’ll have more scheduling options to find the right date and time for your visit. If you wait until the last minute to schedule, you run the risk of getting stuck with an inconvenient appointment that’s tough to fit around your other obligations.

Read up on the manufacturer’s warranty

Your car’s warranty is a powerful tool. This coverage can help you save big on major repairs, but only if you maintain your vehicle in accordance with its terms. To keep your Chevy vehicle within warranty, have it serviced by the factory-trained experts at Quirk Chevrolet of Portland.

The service work we do fulfills warranty requirements; however, if you go to an independent garage, your Chevy might get stuck with warranty-voiding services or non-OEM parts. Plus, we stay informed of any open recalls on your Chevy model to perform those fixes for free.

When it comes to using the manufacturer’s warranty, you can find details on Chevrolet’s website or by contacting our dealership. Your car’s warranty covers specified components that fail due to defects. Warranties don’t cover accident damage or some wear-and-tear, though.

Know what your leased vehicle needs

If you are leasing your vehicle from Quirk Chevrolet of Portland, you are responsible for keeping it in good condition. Be sure to review your lease contract — it will specify the maintenance terms of your lease.

Virtually all leases expect the driver to pay for routine maintenance, such as oil and filter changes. Furthermore, leases specify that all maintenance must be performed according to the automaker’s recommendations. For instance, if your car needs a new part, it must be replaced with an approved OEM part that’s specifically designed for your car.

If you opt for a car lease maintenance package, you’ll pay a small monthly fee to have its essential maintenance covered by a certified dealership like Quirk Chevrolet of Portland. That means all you have to do is bring your vehicle in for care when it’s time for routine service.

Account for transportation needs during the appointment

On the day of your appointment at Quirk Chevrolet of Portland, plan to be without your car for at least a few hours. Feel free to ask our expert technicians whether your car only needs quick service, or if you’ll need a rental vehicle to get around Portland for the day. Your auto insurance policy may be able to help you secure a rental vehicle at a reduced price, so contact your insurance provider for more information.

If your car will only be in our service for a few hours, decide if you’ll wait here in our dealership’s customer lounge or leave your vehicle with us. If you’ve got work or school on your schedule, see if a friend or family member can give you a ride. Or if you’d like to hang out in our clean, comfortable waiting area, bring a book or electronic device. We offer free Wi-Fi along with tasty refreshments like fresh-brewed coffee and tea.

Maintain your car after service

After your vehicle has been serviced, keep it going strong by following the manufacturer’s recommended maintenance schedule. If your vehicle received new tires, make plans to come back in six months for a tire rotation, so you can maximize the performance and longevity of the new tires.

Similarly, keep the engine in tip-top shape by being mindful of mileage and oil quality. Bring in the Chevy car for an oil change after 5,000 miles of travel or when the oil starts looking dark. To make maintaining your vehicle even easier, ask our service department about scheduling your next maintenance appointment six months in advance.

For the best service in Cumberland County, trust your vehicle to the experts at Quirk Chevrolet of Portland.

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